Sir Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust Student Awards Scheme



After much heart searching the Trust has decided not to run its Student Awards scheme in 2013. Since the competition was introduced some 10 years ago, some 50 students, from universities throughout Scotland, have received awards totalling nearly 5,000. The Scottish Government's invitation to join their annual Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning ceremony has added significantly to the standing of the competition, firstly, by providing a wonderful platform to publicly acknowledge the good work done by students, and secondly, to rekindle the importance and relevance to-day of the seminal work of Patrick Geddes.


The Trust is most grateful to the Scottish Government for their practical support, to our sponsors (up to 2009), the City of Edinburgh Council's Economic Development Initiative, for their financial help and to the students and course leaders for their entries which have been of a consistently high standard. Most of all Trust members have been delighted to meet student prize winners and to hear about their plans for the future. It is hoped that they will maintain their interest in Patrick Geddes and seek/find opportunities to give practical effect to his thinking in their careers.


As to the future of the awards scheme, all that can be said at this juncture is that the Trust will keep the matter under review.




March 2013