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Ballater, Scotland, April 2 2008: Trust launch two new Geddes books and unveil Birthplace plaque!


The Procession and Unveiling
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Video Photographs
Video clip of part of one of the unveiling speeches
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The Guests follow the Piper to the Birthplace unveiling


Colin and Claire Geddes
Video clip of part of the Piper-led Procession
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Kenny Munro films
the event

Guests assemble at the Birthplace for the unveiling and speeches


Councillor Marcus Humphrey of Aberdeenshire Council unveils the plaque

Video clip of the unveiling ceremony
(MP4 video)

The Press and Guests take in the proceedings

Sheila Potter Convener of Ballater Geddes Project welcomes the plaque


Walter's introduction to the event and research

excerpt from Walter Stephen's introduction
(MP4 Video)

The Plaque

Sheila Potter (BGP), Walter Stephen (SPGMT), Colin Geddes, Claire Geddes, Ben Tindall (SPGMT)


  Ben Tindall, Chairman of SPGMT, brings words of praise for PG.

Audience at Walter's introduction


  Walter Stephen, who researched the birthplace, wrote the associated publications, and organised the event Facing Front
(L) Cllr. Marcus Humphrey (Aberdeenshire Council) and (R) Ben Tindall (Chairman SPGMT)