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The Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust promotes the study of living society
in its environment, according to the principles and practice of Professor
Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932). He was one of the first biologists to
stress the prime importance of habitat in what would now be called
ecology, using a method of survey and synthesis developed in Scotland,
France, the Near East and India and based on the principle of

The Sir Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust Awards Scheme

2012 Award || Application Form

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New category of Award in Relaunch of Sir Patrick Geddes Student Awards Scheme 2012

In line with the Scottish Government's proposals to reschedule their Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning, the Trust is pleased to follow suit and launch its scheme on 31 January 2012. This will allow entries to be submitted up to 30 June 2012 with assessment over the summer months. The Scottish Government have kindly agreed that the Trust's awards can be presented at their Scottish awards ceremony to be held on 4 September 2012 in Glasgow at the Lighthouse.

This new timetable will enable students work completed in the current academic year to be considered for entry although entries from students finishing their work in the previous academic year will also be welcome.

To mark the relaunch of the awards scheme and to acknowledge the international nature of Geddes' work, a new award is being introduced for students undertaking full time studies outwith Scotland. Nominations should demonstrate good planning practice based on Geddesian principles. As with existing categories of award, monetary prizes will be offered.

The new category of award will be in two sections. The first is open to nominations for non Scottish university students studying throughout the rest of the United Kingdom and Eire. The second is aimed at students studying elsewhere around the world. Further details of category 4 are set out below.

The Trust hopes there will be a good response in all categories of award as it firmly believes in giving public recognition to students who demonstrate the continuing relevance of Geddesian thinking in how we plan our living environment to-day.


Details of Awards Scheme

The Trust's awards' scheme seeks to promote interest in and understanding of Geddes principles.
It invites participation by students in Planning, Architectue, Geography and Environmental Studies
attending Scottish universities. Monetary prizes up to £100 are awarded under four main categories.

· To raise interest in and awareness of the Patrick Geddes principle of "Place, Work, Folk"
· To promote the importance of place and its relevance to-day
· To identify examples of distinctive and sustainable places in which to live and work
· To embed Geddes thinking in the basic training of planners and of those in related disciplines.

· For categories1 - 3 students studying Planning, Architecture, Geography, Geosciences or Environmental Sciences at a Scottish university. For category 4(a) students at universities outwith Scotland elsewhere in the United Kingdom and in Eire. For category 4(b) students in full time degree courses at universities around the world. Overseas students studying at a Scottish university are not eligible for this award.

Categories of Award
· Category 1 An award for a piece of course work reflecting the Geddes principle of
"Place, Work, Folk"
· Category 2(a) An award for the best dissertation by an undergraduate student reflecting some aspect
of the Geddes principle
· Category 2(b) An award for the best dissertation by a postgraduate student reflecting the Geddes
· Category 3 An award for the best first year undergraduate student.
. Category 4(a) An award for a piece of normal course work that demonstrates the benefits of applying Geddesian principles in delivering good planning practice.
Category 4(b) An award for a piece of normal course work that demonstrates the benefits of applying Geddesian principles in delivering good planning practice.

· Category 1 submissions may be made by Departmental nomination, or by a student directly
· Category 2 submissions should be by Departmental nomination only
· Category 3 submissions should comprise one nomination only by each Department on behalf of an
individual student
. Category 4(a) and (b) Submissions by departmental/course leader nomination only with only one entry in each section per university.

All entries should be sent to Simon Bonsall, Secretary of the Trust, Email entries to: simonbonsall@hotmail.com

Form and Content
· Any format is acceptable for Category 1 and Category 3 entries provided it is manageable and
presentable for consideration by the panel of judges. Any supporting /illustrative material should
preferably be in the form of images on CD-Rom in jpeg format with image resolution of at least 300dpi.
· Category 2 entries will comprise copies of dissertations as submitted for graduate and
postgraduate degrees.
. Category 4 entries should be in English and not more than 5,000 words. All entries for this category should be sent in electronic form only, as a Word document, PDF or CD-Rom.

Source of Work
Current academic year although work from the previous academic year will also be acceptable.

· An independent panel of judges will be appointed by the Trust to whom recommendations will be
made on the awards under all categories.
· Final decisions on the awards under each Category rest with the Patrick Geddes Trust.

· Category 1 £100
· Categories 2 (a) and 2 (b) £100 each
· Category 3 £50
. Category 4(a) £100 Category 4(b) £100.

Date for entries 30 June 2012.

Awards' Ceremony
The Trust's awards' ceremony will be held in Glasgow at the Lighthouse on 4 September 2012.

Application Form

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